The Perfect Solution for a Panoramic View


Bi folding doors provide a truly unparralelled view and maximum ventilation. They can be folded out of the way on a summer day, opening up your home and letting in the fresh air. With this purpose in mind, we offer a remarkable aluminium bi folding door.

The light and strong aluminium allows the door’s frames to be slim and unobtrusive, meaning they take up far less space when folded, and block out less light when closed.

Our bi folding doors can be opened in or out and are available in a full range of colours. They do not stain or fade, does not require adjustment as there is no expansion or contraction and are completely weather proof – opening in any weather conditions. As well as our standard colour choice, we are also pleased to be able to offer a whole range of colours.

The sensations colour choice is one that is totally unique to the bi-folding door system that we manufacture. The sensations refer to a metallic textured finish in the powder coat. By incorporating an acrylic powder the once smooth finish becomes textured. A key advantage of this particular finish is that compared to a normal powder coat it is much more durable and resilient.

Dual-colour frames are also available at Peerless Windows which means you could choose a colour for the exterior and a totally different colour for the interior of your bi-fold doors.


External Pane – Energy efficient performance

We use Pilkington Optiwhite which is a specially developed float glass which displays none of the slight green tint apparent in most standard ‘clear’ glasses, making it ideal for windows and doors.

The advanced performance of Optiwhite includes higher light transmission with greater solar heat transmittance which allows the natural sun rays to be converted more economically into heat for your home.

Some of the advantages include:


  • Maximise panoramic views
  • Utilise open space
  • Maximise natural light to room
  • Versatile configuration
  • At one with the garden
  • Alfresco space in living room
  • Replace sliding patio door
  • Can be more than one side of the room
  • Utilises wasteful space when open
  • Can be three sides on a conservatory
  • Swimming pool application

For direct information on our Bi Folding Doors, please do not hesitate to call us on: 0208 567 6000