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Having just lurched from beautiful warm summer days to 12 degrees and a month of rain in two days it feels like the perfect time to be saying that English weather is anything but predictable. This characteristic makes for a great argument to do whatever you can to keep your home well insulated, with one of these things being the installation of double glazed sash windows. In order to explain just why such windows can make a huge difference, here are the top 5 advantages of going double glazed, when it comes to your sash windows.

  1. Boost to thermal insulation

As mentioned, this is a major boon to homes that suffer from pesky draughts and struggle with retaining heat. You can reduce bills and make your home more comfortable and cosy through the winter months. But it’s not just the cold that double glazed sashes help to keep out. They will also keep hot summer air out. This is achieved by preventing the convection of heat from the outside to the inside.

  • Keep noise out

Especially in urban areas but even in the countryside, with more houses being built leading to busier roads, you will likely have noise that you wish to keep outside your home. Having double glazed sash windows will provide better sound proofing and help you feel more tranquil during the day and sleep better at night.

  • Reduce condensation and damp

We’ve all had those mornings when we’ve woken up and there is so much condensation on the inside of our windows that it’s dripped down onto the windowsill and maybe spoiled something you’ve left there. We’ve also all probably been a few weeks into winter and noticed little spots of mould appearing around the window frames. Damp and mould are not good for the health or your house and double glazing will serve to reduce the chances of both. This is because the inside window will be closer to the indoor temperature.

  • Boost the value of your property

Because most, if not all of the benefits of double glazed sash windows are in line with what most people want, it is only natural that going to the trouble and expense of getting them installed will have a positive impact on the overall resale value of your property. So, whether you are there for the long term, or thinking about cost in relation to resale value, the decision is something of a no-brainer.

  • Enhance your security options

Installing double glazed sash windows gives you the structure and the opportunity to boost your home security. This is because while you get the new windows installed you can also opt for high security locking systems. These often come as standard with new double glazed sash windows and you should also be given the chance to choose to upgrade the security to PAS 24 approved locks, which go a long way to preventing forced entry to your home.