The latest range of Traditional doors


What are you looking for in an entrance door?

  • Getting rid of all them draughts.
  • Higher security features.
  • Better heat retention.
  • Need more light in your hallway?
  • Better looking.

Your door is the gateway to your home so should not only look attractive but should also provide the highest levels of security and weather shielding possible.

Never looking to stand still, we have always looked to do that little extra. With our new Traditional door range, Peerless Windows now offers more choice than ever before: – Door colours, panels, glass designs, security features & door furniture.


Traditional Composite Doors

Traditional Composite Doors

Our NEW Traditional Composite Doors

Our composite range has been tested to the very limit against extreme weather and attack. Our new improved locking mechanism comes with a 20mm stainless steel face plate; it has an advance locking system which utilises dead bolt & lock facility enabling you to secure the door in several places by simply twisting the handle.

We know that not every admirer of your door has good intentions, so we asked British Standards to attempt a burglary. They tested the security of your door with sledge hammers, crow bars, credit cards and other tools of destruction. A 30kg ball was swung into the door at nine different places, ensuring it will stand up to ramming. The security of our Traditional Composite door has been tested again and again.

British Standards requires our doors to withstand 80 mile an hour winds, which is stronger than a hurricane. But we have gone one further, our composite doors have been tested with winds of over 100 miles an hour, and the door remained unchanged. This is a seriously resistant door that will keep you and your family safe whilst offering peace of mind.

Your Door, Your Style

Find the Look that’s right for you

We understand that the entrance door gives the first impression of the home, and can often sum up a property. We also understand that your home is unique and individual. That is why we offer you the choice you need to truly express yourself and find a door that you are proud to come home to.

Patio Doors

Patio Doors

As an alternative means of entrance, a patio sliding door has always been a popular choice. The smooth sliding operating system makes effortless work of opening and closing the door.

Patio Doors can really open up your home, bathing it with air and light! They let more of the great outdoors in but when closed they offer maximum security to keep you safe and secure. ( Patio doors are available as two, three or four panels )

French Doors

French Doors

French Doors or double doors as they are also known can provide a dramatic and luxurious improvement to any environment.

They allow sunlight to stream into your house and give you the feeling of space and light that will really transform your home. All our French doors offer high security, provided by locks with multipoint locking to both the primary door and slave door.


Stable Doors

Stable Doors or barn doors have been around for ages. They are ideal as you can just open the top part of the door only, allowing you to keep children and pets secure whilst allowing fresh air into your home.

It also offers you the benefit that a window can provide, but where only a door can fit. Featuring a unique double weather seal, you can be sure your Stable Door will perform just as well as a single door. Stable doors can be made to open inwards or outwards and are available in several colours ( more details upon request).