Secondary glazing is designed to add another window inside, in addition to your existing external windows. They are generally easy to install and are a cost effective way of improving thermal performance, noise reduction and added security.

Our Secondary windows are made with strong slim-line aluminium framework so the frames cannot be seen from outside. This design window has become very popular in conservation areas where there are restrictions on replacing existing external windows.

Secondary glazing does not only help improve thermal performance it can also reduce the outside noise, as well as adding that extra security feature.

Horizontal Sliding Secondary Glazing


For Windows With Vertical Bars

Horizontal sliding glazing is generally available in 2-5 panels and are fantastic for sound-proofing and heat insulation- especially in hinged windows, casement windows or any windows that contain vertical bars.

Panels within the frame slide easily, allowing for trouble-free access to the existing window for cleaning or ventilation, without getting in the way of any blinds or curtains.

Vertical Sliding Secondary Glazing


Windows With Horizontal Bars

Vertical sliding glazing is ideal for sound reduction and thermal insulation, especially for windows with horizontal bars or traditional box sash windows. They are also available with easy clean tilt back features and balances.

The panels can slide up and down thereby providing access to the existing window- offering opportunities to clean or ventilate without obstructing any blinds or curtains.

Hinged Secondary Glazing


For Regular, Full Access

Hinged glazing is ideal for specialist applications, bays or fire escape applications- offering a large area for plentiful access to the existing window, as well as being apt for ventilation.

The glazing can be either friction hinged, parallel friction hinged or butt hinged; each of which has its own pros and cons. It is specifically suited for windows that have a large glass surface where easy and regular maintenance may be required for cleaning and such.

Lift Out Secondary Glazing


For Hard To Treat Areas

Lift Out glazing is suitable for windows in hard to treat areas or small spaces, areas with large glass surfaces and for bay windows. This type of glazing is advised for windows where access isn’t needed that frequently.

Lift Out glazing is mostly an alternative to the vertical and horizontal sliding glazing. Ventilation or access for cleaning and such can be achieved by lifting the panels out of the frame- of course this system is not ideal for an area where regular access would be needed.

Fixed Secondary Glazing


Inexpensive, But No Access

Fixed glazing is the most easily fitted and cheapest type of glazing. Being so slim and inexpensive, it is the best fit for areas where access to existing windows is unnecessary.

Effective at minimising both thermal loss and noise pollution, as well as being the most easily reverted, it is popular in situations where modifying the existing windows is not economically viable or is unfeasible.

Secondary Glazing Combination Units


Specialist Applications

For more complicated window styles a combination of hinged and lift out glazing may be the key. These units are more flexible as they will be specially suited towards the existing unit and come in an assortment of configurations.