Quality Timber Windows and Doors


We only use the highest grade timber material on all our products. (Redwood, Merranti & Oak to name but a few). We are able to offer most of our windows in our Traditional, Classic or Contemporary ranges.

All our windows undergo an advanced multi-stage treatment process in its paint or stain finish allowing us to give exceptional warranties and have great confidence in our products.

High Security on all our timber products

A traditional look doesn’t have to mean traditional security, far from it. Our vertically sliding windows boast the very latest key locks for maximum security. You can even add adjustable restrictors and limit stops which limit apertures openings while still permitting ventilation. All of Peerless Sash windows comply with BS7950 enhanced security as standard.

Energy Saving Design

The design of our timber windows has taken into account the growing need for conserving energy within the home. Our most popular selling windows consist of a soft coat, low-‘E’ glass and argon gas to fill the cavity, This design achieve a u-value of 1.4W/m2K, which is far lower than the required new building regulations of a u-value of 1.6W/m2K.

If you would like a warmer room and achieve a better U- Value Window we also can offer:

  • Different thickness of glass
  • Different types of gas inserts like Argon, Krypton and Xenon
  • Triple glazing

Peerless team consists of highly skilled carpenters and dedicated individuals who have a wide range of experience within the timber window industry. Providing excellence in customer care and technical product knowledge, ensuring support is available from enquiry through to completed installation.

Timber Doors

Security, Style and Sound Proofing
With our new Traditional door range, Peerless Windows now offers more choice than ever before: – Door colours, panels, glass designs, security features & door furniture.

Peerless Windows and The Environment

The Greener Alternative

Energy Efficient Windows

The Forestry Stewardship Council is accredited to the Peerless timber sash window product range and is endorsed by World Wild Life Fund, Green Peace and the Government.

By ensuring our window boxes use only certified timber from well managed sources, Peerless Windows can offer a product that is environmentally sound in both the raw material used and the production methods used in its manufacture.

It is assumed that Timber products are more damaging to the environment than alternatives, because the wood comes from forests. However, this is not true. It takes 8 times less energy to manufacture Timber than uPVC, and the environmental burden is significantly less than uPVC throughout the products lifetime.

The Advantages of Timber

Unbeatable Aesthetics, Character and Longevity

timber window double glazed

One of the important factors you need to consider when installing new windows is the material with which the frames will be made.

The advantages of timber are many; it is a recyclable material and a net carbon absorber. Also it has a high thermal efficiency rating making it the environmentally friendly choice.

Below are some of the advantages of timber:

Easily Repaired

Wood can be cut, carved and glued, giving it a huge advantage over uPVC and Aluminium when it comes to repairs. Damage that would merit a complete re-fit for a uPVC window can often be restored, keeping your home looking the way it should and avoiding obvious replacements.

Maintenance is easy

With modern manufacturing techniques and advances in micro porous paints you won’t have to re-coat your windows for at least 8 years. Re-coating is easy, a light sand and a single coat will have your frames looking good as new.

Lasts longer than ever

Scientific studies have shown that timber windows are outstanding for long term weather proofing, with high resistance to distortion from extreme temperatures and exposure.