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The box sash window typically has two vertically sliding sashes using a system of Cords and Weights which hang concealed inside the timber boxes on both sides of the window. The weights are used within the window to balance the sash so it stays in place once opened.

Our box sash window has a wide range of features including D handles, ring pulls and hook lifts in various finishes. You can also choose to have your window with or without decorative horns depending on your chosen style. The box sash window has a weather strip design around the sash which eliminates any drafts or rattles whilst keeping the traditional look of the window.At Peerless Windows we also have our own exclusive architrave/mouldings to suit the unique style of your home.


Sash window horns came with a variation of the ogee mouldings this was due mainly to the builders and the locality. Later in the 19th Century, builders often adopted their own in-house style, as may be seen in many late 19th Century developments.The most widely used design were four-paned sash windows. Sheet glass was common in Victorian Gothic villas and terraces and by the 1870′s the four paned sash window design was the standard for cheaper terraced houses, although there were regional variations.

At Peerless we use only certified timber from well managed sources, therefore offer a product that is environmentally sound in both the raw material used and the production methods used in its manufacture. All our Windows undergo a four-stage treatment process in its paint or stain finish allowing us to give exceptional warranties on all of our products.

Peace of Mind – Our products are manufactured through an accredited membership of the TRADA Q-
Mark High Performance Timber Window Scheme. To achieve the TRADA Q-Mark every design of window has to undergo rigorous testing on a yearly basis. The testing undertaken on the windows we install ensure that you are always assured of a high quality product and an excellent level of service.

FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) is accredited to the our timber window product range and is endorsed by World Wild Life Fund, Green Peace and the Government.