Timber Sash Windows

The timber sash ensures the character of your home whilst including modern technologies such as the high security locking systems and performance. A traditional look doesn’t have to mean traditional security, far from it. Our vertical sliding windows are internally glazed for added security, we have the very latest key locks for maximum security. You can even add adjustable restrictors and limit stops which limit apertures openings while still permitting ventilation.

The oldest known examples of sash windows were installed in England in the 1670s. Early in the 18th Century a method was widely used well into the early 1700 was to make sash window frames out of solid sections pegged together in the same way as casement windows were, with the style hollowed out to allow enough room for one sash weight on each side. Usually only the lower sash was made to operate on these early windows.

In early timber sash windows, the wheel was made of brass, oak or boxwood. Today the timber sash windows use a modern technique such as cords and weights or spiral balance. Spiral balance provides a mechanical lift to the window system. Mostly used in modern properties and new builds whilst retaining the distinctive features of the sash window.

We use only engineered defect free timber on our entire range of windows, allowing Peerless to offer a high specification window without the age-old problem of resin exudation. All products are internally beaded with the new high point security-locking system, which are more secure then BSI requirements. All windows undergo a multi -stage treatment process in its paint or stain finish allowing us to give exceptional warranties on all of our products.