Wooden Sash

Whether you are keeping the character of your Victorian property, restoring your home to its former glory or want the high performance and aesthetics that only timber can offer, Peerless Windows is your Timber Sash Specialist.

Modern convenience, traditional looks – Peerless Windows use of modern technology and traditional craftsmanship means you get precise fitting vertical sliding sash windows with all the nostalgia of a bygone age, but with none of the maintenance. Vertical sliding sash windows from Peerless are fully counterbalanced which means the days of sash windows sticking, jamming or slipping are gone forever.

Georgian Sash Window

The Peerless Casement window is no ordinary window. Incorporating quality materials and advanced manufacturing techniques it has unique benefits that enhance both its performance and security.

The great advantage of casement windows is their ability to maximise and control the breeze and direct it into any area of your home.

We are also able to offer the traditional style design Georgian bars in various designs and sizes, including the Authentic Georgian bar. We achieve this look by situating bars on both sides of the double-glazing unit with spacer bars inside.

Design Features:

  • Internally glazed for better security Espagnolette locking
  • Secure night vent position available as an option
  • Rounded edges for better paint coverage
  • Drained and vented system
  • 24mm double glazing – standard U value of 1.37 W/m2K
  • Stepped design to allow water to run off

Types of Timber

Timber sold commercially is divided into two types; hardwoods and softwoods. However, the terms bear no relation to the softness or hardness of the material.

Softwoods come from coniferous, or cone-bearing trees, many of which have needle-like leaves and are mostly evergreen, eg pines and yew.

Hardwoods are produced from broad-leaved trees which produce seeds contained in an enclosed case, or ovary, such as acorns or walnuts.