The Latest Technology in Energy-efficient Glazing


Recent expertise brings new opportunities; ultra energy efficient windows as we see with triple glazing are in great demand and huge steps have been made in current years in connection with the energy efficiency of PVC-u profile and its thermal efficiency of glass.

This progress in technology has resulted in Triple Glazing, which is by far the most energy efficient product yet. With triple glazing there is as the name suggests three panes of glass as oppose to just two panes. This advance in technology has the ability to insulate your home further as there are two gas filled areas usually argon filled that act as a very efficient barrier from draughts and cold.

Argon Gas massively reduces the quantity of heat loss through your windows but still allows heat intake from the sun (solar gain).The superior combination of thermally efficient profile, high performance glass, Swisspacer V andPilkington Optitherm S4 Plus Provides outstanding thermal insulation. A key feature is a very high light transmittance and low reflectance which gives a natural appearance.

Pilkington OptiwhiteA is a special ‘extra-clear’ type of glass which increases the degree of solar heat gain and makes your home warmer by using energy from the sun.
This mixture of solar gain and thermal insulation significantly reduces home energy use as the solar gain is greater than the heat lost.

  • Increased Sound Proofing
  • WER Band A++
  • Chamfered or sculpted profiles available
  • Sealed units range from 28m to 42m
  • U-value 1.1
  • Energy Index 16 (System 10), index 14 (Rustique)