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Here are just some of the services and products that we have to offer:

Timber Windows: Box Sash, Timber Windows, Tile and Turn Windows, Heritage Profile Windows and Wooden Sash Windows

PVC-u:  PVC-u Sash, PVC-u triple glazing (with Pilkington glass OptiwhiteA – thermal efficiency)

Aluminium: Aluminium casement windows

Doors: Traditional composite doors, Patio doors, Stable doors, Bi-folding doors and French doors

Secondary Glazing: Horizontal Sliding Secondary Glazing, Lift Out Secondary Glazing and Secondary Glazing Combination Units

About Ealing

Ealing is a major suburban development, 7.7 miles west from Charing Cross, and is often called the “Queen of Suburbs”. Archaeological evidence has shown that Ealing has been inhabited for about 7000 years, with items such as pots from the Iron Age being found. The census of 1599, of Ealing, is the earliest surviving census which detailed 85 households and various information about the inhabitants of the village.Ealing has had many names over the time it has been populated, alternating from its Saxon name “Gillingas”, meaning ‘place of the people associated with Gilla’, to Zelling, Eling, Yealing, and eventually, Ealing, when it became the standard spelling of the town/city in the 19th century.

Due to Ealing being close to London, many people began to move to Ealing and hence it began to get built up. Many travellers had to stop at inns at night, since their horses could only pull a few loads each day. This prompted a large amount of inns and public houses to be built, but this also led to a high number of highwaymen to choose Ealing as their location for their various misdeeds. Some of the inns include The Bell, The Green Man, The Feathers, The Old Hats and The Halfway House (At one point there were 2 inns called this, but after the closure of the toll gate that both inns were situated either side of, one renamed itself to The Old Hats).

Windows are important to a property as they can affect the overall value of the property. This is why when repairing or replacing windows, it is best to use the original window or windows that are the same as the original type of window. New windows should be a precise copy of the original. Having the wrong type of window can cause devaluation in the houses price and vice versa. In some instances, for example, some houses in Ealing have pre-war architectural features, which include metal windows- changing these can result in a severe price drop in value.A lot of houses in Ealing are protected under a conservation area and so none of the original features can be changed, and that includes doors, windows, house ‘character’, and even road layouts. The most popular and traditional window designs in Ealing include box sash, Bays, Bows, Arches, Georgian, Square & Diamond lead. Homes within conservation areas need planning permission to have windows changed/replaced.