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Iver’s name is of Anglo Saxon origin and is recorded as meaning ‘place by the brow of the hill’ or ‘Evreham’. Iver is around 20 miles outside of London, whilst the area itself consists of about 8 square miles of land.The area consists of both Iver village and Iver Heath village, with Denham to the north, Uxbridge and West Drayton to the East, Colnbrook and Richings Park to the South and Slough to the West. Iver village and Iver Heath village also border the M25 motorway.The entire area of Iver was, as of 1086 as mentioned in the Domesday Book, owned by a single man, Robert Doiley. Some believe that the name of Iver was actually derived from a friend of Robert Doiley named Roger de Iveri, however this is merely speculation.Iver became the site of a market which operated once every week in 1351 and this became an important feature of Iver, being one of the major operations that existed there.

One notable location that exists within Iver, specifically Iver Heath, is Heatherden Hall which is a Victiorian mansion which still stands today. The mansion has been a place for politicians and other important government figures to retreat to, as well as being an excellent location for said political bodies to hold private meetings. The mansion was also the site where the Irish Free State agreement was signed, which allowed the whole Ireland to become independent of the United Kingdom, also almost immediately after this had occurred Northern Ireland opted out of the agreement and remained part of the UK.

When the owner of Heatherden Hall, Grant Morden, died in 1934, the mansion was bought by a man named Charles Boot. After a year Charles Boot had reformed Heatherden Hall into the main office building of a new film studio he had set up- Pinewood Film Studios. The company was named so because of the plentiful amounts of pine trees which surrounded the local area. Pinewood Studios is famous for producing renowned classic British movies, such as Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, the Carry On films, Hammer Film’s version of Dracula and the James Bond films. A number of scenes from such movies have been filmed within the local area, such as Black Park, as well as some scenes (such as one from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang) being filmed inside Heatherden Hall itself.