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Peerless Windows Services

Here are just some of the services and products that we have to offer:

Timber Windows: Box Sash, Timber Windows, Tile and Turn Windows, Heritage Profile Windows and Wooden Sash Windows

PVC-u:  PVC-u Sash, PVC-u triple glazing (with Pilkington glass OptiwhiteA – thermal efficiency)

Aluminium: Aluminium casement windows

Doors: Traditional composite doors, Patio doors, Stable doors, Bi-folding doors and French doors

Secondary Glazing: Horizontal Sliding Secondary Glazing, Lift Out Secondary Glazing and Secondary Glazing Combination Units

Peerless Windows are Sash window specialists. We offer character windows, entrance doors, sash and casement windows, french and sliding doors.

About Shepherds Bush

Shepherds Bush is believed to have got its name from the fact that shepherds used to use this location as a resting area when they were on their way to London’s markets. People have inhabited for a very long time as there has even been evidence which suggests that humans were living in the area during the Iron Age. Shepherds Bush is first recorded in written accounts in the year of 704, whereby it was purchased by the bishop of London at the time being recorded as part of the Fulanham estate, which incidentally developed into Fulham.During the 19th century Shepherds Bush was a rural and barely developed location, and it remained this way until later this century whereby due to the large population expansion of nearby London, the area became heavily developed as a residential area and because of this subsequent development’s sprung forth, especially retail.

In the 20th century Shepherds Bush has been notable for a number of things, especially during 1908 whereby the White City Stadium was build just to the north of Shepherds Bush, meaning that the area was a major sporting local and remained as such until the demolishment of the stadium in place for the BBC White City Centre in 1985. Lime Grove Studios also existed within Shepherds Bush which is where The Beatles recorded their first broadcast for the BBC during the 13th April 1963, until it was knocked down for residential area in 1994.

Nowadays Shepherds Bush exists as an area within the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, west of London. Despite being largely residential, Shepherds Bush is also heavily influenced by retail, being the home of the largest shopping centre in Europe, Westfield Shopping Centre. The central location of Shepherds Bush is Shepherds Bush Green which is an important hub for the city, being bordered by a number of shops (with Westfield Shopping Centre being at its northern peak) and main roads- with a variety of transport hubs being located within very close proximity, making it a very important location for transport as well.