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There is thought to have been human habitation of the area we now know as Teddington since the Mesolithic and Neolithic periods, due to evidence (such as bone tools) being found that have been dated back to the these periods; however permanent residence of the area was not thought to have occurred until Saxon ruler-ship. Teddington was also not referred to under the Domesday book as it was most likely integrated under the region of Hampton. In the year 971 the major building within the area was Teddington Manor, which was under the ownership of a number of monks whom resided in Staines, and at this time the deed of ownership for Teddington was given to Westminster Abbey. The land remained in the hands of the abbey and, as of the 14th century, only had a population of around 200 people. In 1500 Hampton Court Gardens were constructed to be used as hunting grounds for notable British individuals, for example Henry VIII was one of the most prominent users of the land. Bushy Park was established in 1540 from land that was considered part of Teddington as further hunting ground.

Real development occurred around the beginning of the 20th century, with a large amount of important constructions being made, including Teddington Carnegie Library and the National Physical Laboratory, which was established in 1902 and produces the national measurement standards for the UK- the formation of this institution brought electricity to Teddington, further fuelling its expansion. During the Second World War Teddington was a major source for military research, due to The National Physical Laboratory (NPL), whose most famous creation was the Bouncing Bomb, used in the Dambuster operations. The NPL also created other military advancements such as the Seismic bombs.

Currently, Teddington is considered part of the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames, and is situated between Twickenham and Hampton Wick, just south west of London. Previously Teddington was considerd part of the county of Middlesex, but this is no longer the case. Teddington’s most common establishments are mainly of a residential nature, but also have had heavy development of retail and business throughout.