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Turnham Green is technically a park located on the Chiswick High Road in Chiswick, although it is generally considered a small area within Chiswick. South of the green is the Chiswick Town Hall whilst on the eastern flank of the green is a war memorial and a church. The green is a favourite site for community activities, such as charity sales, fun fairs, etc.Initially, Turnham green began as a village that lay upon the main road between the western English settlements and London. It was first officially recorded as Turneham during 1235, but in 1369 it had been recorded as being named Turnhamgrene which inevitably led to the name of the area we have today. As the region became more and more urbanized it ultimately became part of Chiswick.

During the 1st English Civil War, Turnham green was the site of the Battle of Turnham Green in 1642 on the 13th November between the Parliamentarians and the king’s royalist supporters who were attempting to advance on London. The battlefield itself actually consisted of Chiswick common, Acton Green and Turnham Green which resulted in a stalemate between the two armies, up until the royalists retreated after many hours of fighting- this resulted in the ending of any hope that the king’s royalists had of taking London and thusly was a decisive battle during the Civil War.

It is worthy to note that Turnham Green was also home to William Hogarth, a renowned artist who had purchased a cottage there. Because of this an area was named in his honour as Hogarth Roundabout within Turnham Green.

The area is also the location for the station Chiswick Park, which lies on the District Line. However, Turnham Green Tube Station is located near Chiswick Common, making the two stations rather confusing, since their namesake suggest otherwise to where they are actually situated.