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Peerless Windows Services

Here are just some of the services and products that we have to offer:

Timber Windows: Box Sash, Timber Windows, Tile and Turn Windows, Heritage Profile Windows and Wooden Sash Windows
Patio Doors

PVC-u:  PVC-u Sash, PVC-u triple glazing (with Pilkington glass OptiwhiteA – thermal efficiency)

Aluminium: Aluminium casement windows

Doors: Traditional composite doors, Patio doors, Stable doors, Bi-folding doors and French doors

Secondary Glazing: Horizontal Sliding Secondary Glazing, Lift Out Secondary Glazing and Secondary Glazing Combination Units

About Twickenham

Twickenham exists as the key region within the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames. Due to the explosive population expansion of London during the 20th century the town of Twickenham rapidly expanded and in 1926 very quickly found itself being officially recognized as the Municipal Borough of Twickenham. Since 1965 Twickenham has been an integral part of Greater London.

In 1818 the region of Twickenham gained a large increase in the amount of land that the region consisted of, between areas which would become Hampton Road and Staines in modern times. After this, development further increased, with a large amount of upscale residential houses being build, leading to Twickenham becoming an important location for those individuals whom were heavily involved with fashion or who held some sort of distinction to their name. Development ever further increased when the Twickenham station was opened in 1848- with all said development occurring before the London population boom in the 20th century, it is easy to see how Twickenham quickly became a large and important local within central England.

Nowadays the area retains much of its high class identity, although it is not considered a privileged area, being a very diverse location. One of the major sites in Twickenham is the Twickenham Rugby Stadium, which was first purchased as a large plot of land back in 1907. Today it is the second largest stadium in England, the fifth largest stadium in Europe and is the largest stadium which is dedicated exclusively to rugby in the world. Because of this, Twickenham is a very important location for rugby, but is also an area which enriches many other sports, making Twickenham a key sporting hub within the Greater London region.

The town itself is also home to Strawberry Hill, considered the more prestigious area of Twickenham, with many of the residential homes being very upscale, or of Victorian nature. Therefore this area is quite expensive, especially when considering property. Strawberry Hill also houses St Mary’s University College, which has been historically important in the field of religious, humanities, drama and sports studies, as well as English literature and training for teachers. The education premise is also the oldest Catholic college within the UK.

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