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The area known today as Windsor has been long been settled by humans, with archaeological evidence which suggest that the site was consistently settled throughout history because of its strategically valuable location, with items found from the Iron Age, Bronze Age and even the Palaeolithic Era in the Stone Age.Windsor is probably most famous for being the home to Windsor Castle, which was built by William the Conqueror after the Norman invasion in the 11th Century. It is the oldest and biggest castle that is in use in the world. It is home to the British monarchy and is a renowned tourist location. In fact the entirety of Windsor is more or less a tourist location, with many areas within the district being centred around catering to the need of tourists, as well as there being a multiple prominent shopping areas and such attractions like Legoland or the Royal Windsor Wheel (Commonly known as the Windsor Eye).

Windsor Castle itself has suffered a number of incidences over the many centuries it has been standing, including various wars (Such as the English Civil War, Barons War and both World Wars), the Blitz and a major fire in 1992. Subsequently it has been the focal point of many renovation projects throughout its long life as a working castle. It is also an important cultural icon, serving as an important archaeological location, from which many items from the early technological revolution eras of man have been found (as mentioned earlier). It is also the holder of a large fraction of the Royal Collection of Art and is home to a large number of sculptures. It is testament to the structural architecture which Windsor Castle expresses- The product of generations of great artists and structural geniuses which have made this Castle into what it is today.